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Hi, I'm Mike! I'm a web nut and Drupal expert at Phase2.

I also do Drupal site audits and Drupal consulting on the side. Shoot me an email!

Side Projects

Just about all of this stuff is open source on GitHub.

Web apps

  • Toogles - a fast and clean YouTube interface. Built on AngularJS
  • Fileslap - a file sharing site with built in file previewing. Built on Django.
  • DuckDuckGoog - sends your !bang searches to DuckDuckGo and everything else to Google. Built on Express/Node.js.
  • Tangletube - mash up YouTube videos and play them together. Built on EmberJS.
  • Minute Favors - trade quick, online favors for points. Cool app but only has spam nowadays. Built on Rails/EmberJS.
  • Baconflow - easy one-envelope budgeting app, best viewed on mobile. Built on AngularJS &
  • Dropdo - anonymous, shareable, real-time todo lists. Basically just TodoMVC (AngularJS version) + Firebase.

Other web sites

  • Project Web App - a directory of cool web apps. Built on Drupal.
  • Frugalzon - a hand-curated list of cool stuff on Amazon for $10 or less. Built on Drupal.
  • Drupal Check - Drupal site audits and planning by me. Built on Drupal.
  • Drupal Deconstructed - An ebook about how Drupal 7 works
  • Smirk Studio - my old defunct Drupal development business. Built on Drupal.

Other random stuff

  • Shortkeys for Chrome - a Chrome extension for easy custom keyboard shortcuts. Options page built on AngularJS.
  • Passphrase Generator - an old (2012ish) and outdated Android app that generates XKCD-style passphrases
  • Drupal stuff - some random modules and themes that I've sadly done a terrible job maintaining in the last year or two.
  • BlueTrip CSS - A crusty old CSS framework I built back when Blueprint and Tripoli were in style (2009ish).
  • ZenCoding for Gedit - an implementation of zen coding (now called Emmet) for the Gedit editor.
  • CodeIgniter Installer - an old school generic installer for any CI app.